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Monday, February 13, 2006

What is a Ramen Heresy?

So what is a Ramen Heresy? Sausage that's what. In Japan ramen is served much differently than here is the U.S., in ramen shops it is served in many different varieties, all very artfully presented. Here it is a packet of some powdery flavor substance to be mixed with the noodles after they are cooked. My way is a variation on the military way. Long, long ago in a land not so far away, I was a Marine. On field operations we used to take ramen and anything we could catch or get off the local economy to make C-Rats more edible.

This brings us to the heresy. One of my current favorite ramen flavorings is hot Italian Sausage. When my very Japanese fiancee and her friends heard this they were shocked and appalled. Sausage is not considered appropriate with ramen. Of course this means I'm going to make her eat it. After all, I tried pizza with mayonnaise sauce and shirako when I was in Tokyo.


Blogger humblefiance said...

Congratulation of New Blog!
and also Happy Valentines day!

Yes, You are Ramen Heresy! I think so too. Japanese people proud of their Ramen. Ramen has a lot of kind but no Sausage with Ramen.
Dame dame!

We have several Ramen Book in Japan. I think many foreigner loves Japanese Ramen.

Am I going to try Sausage Ramen??
I think, I'll order to you separate with Ramen and Sausage ok??

Darling, next time you have to try real Ramen. Wakatta?

By the way, my friend K said pizza with Mayonnaise is not strange!
Shirako....yes that's strange...but I thoguht you like it!? didnt you?

ummm anyway, Darling, am I very Japanese? ^^;

6:00 AM  

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