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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ups and Downs

Depression sucks. I don't know if you've ever been a victim of real depression, but it isn't being sad about things that happen. Depression is not being able to care about anything, it's having a plenty of money in the bank but not paying your bills; not because you can't afford them but because it's too much effort to write the check. So I'm struggling with it right now and I get some genuinely bad news. A coworker of mine has died of cancer. He'd been fighting it for as long as I've known him, more than six years. I'll be attending his funeral tomorrow. He died of Melanoma, the same cancer that killed my father. My fiance immediately had a panic attack when I told her. Not something I really wanted to deal with, but there it was. It really was a trial trying to calm her down, since I wasn't feeling all that chipper myself. To tell the truth I felt a little betrayed. For every low there is a high...thank goodness.
The depression is lifting and good news comes in to offset the bad. Two of my friends have just celebrated birthday's and our I-129f petition has been approved. The world is a little brighter today.


Blogger humblefiance said...

I thought You didn't update your blog. So, I have not been cheked your blog until today.
I was surprised what you wrote at here. I'm so sorry I could not get your depressing heart and for another things.
And I feel really sorry for your coworker, and I'm so sorry for panic.

I hope you can ge another good news to make you happy or smile.

Smile and Kisses
stupid yr fiance

6:26 AM  

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