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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Almost as Cute as Thomas

Isn't this just the cutest (other than Thomas) freight engine you've ever seen? To be honest I don't remember where I took this picture, but it was probably somewhere along the Chuo Line given the amount of time I spent riding that particular line.

BNSF should take a cue from this. A little more cheerful than their standard orange and black. Then again this might not be a regular freight engine. It definitely isn't a passenger train engine but it seems like it could have more crew space than a normal freight engine. Possibly it's for some special application. Regardless, it's a cool paint job.


Blogger humblefiance said...

I know! where you took this picture!
It was at Nishi-Tachikawa Station and it is not in chuo line. Actually it is on Ome and Itsukaichi line ne.

Yeah, this is cute ne. I think JR's people will be happy that you think cute like Thomas!

I think your nephew like this picture so you should show him ne.

Love and kisses

8:33 AM  

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