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Friday, March 31, 2006

More of Jojoji Temple and Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower looms behind Jojoji Temple in the first photo. I rather pleased with the way this one came out. You can't even tell there is a major street in between the the grounds of the two. The contrast of old and relatively new pleases me. You would never guess it but, if you were to move a couple blocks closer to the train station you wouldn't be able to see the tower. It's 333 meters tall and still obscured by buildings until you get within a few blocks.

The second photo is of Jojoji Temple from the observatory at 150 meters. As you can see the temple grounds are really quite extensive. Yesterday's photos were taken in an area out of the frame to the left.

This monster of a building is Roppongi Hills. The photo is taken from the Special Observatory at 250 meters (820 ft). Roppongi Hills is kind of like having the resteraunts, stores and businesses of Beverly Hills and Sunnyvale all put into a skyscraper. Yuppie Heaven! Except I'm not a yuppie. My future father-in-law wanted to take me to this place and my future sister-in-law vetoed the idea because she didn't think I would be interested in a place like that. She was right, but there is one thing there I would like to see. Somewhere in there is a gigantic sculpture of a spider that is so large many people can stand under it. I would visit Roppongi Hills just to see that. I don't have interest in anything else there, but that would be a sight worth seeing.


Blogger humblefiance said...

I have never been to Tokyo Tower.
I would like to go there once in my life. These pictures can tell you could enjoy your days in Tokyo by yourself, I was worried about you when I was in work when you were here. But you were ok and traveled dowtown tokyo alone no problem! I'm proud of you honey!
Yes, my father wanted to take you to go there and he is planning something right now, I'm enjoying his plan! Dont worry we can cancel it any time!

Honey next time what kind of picture appear here?? Please do not put....dangerlous one!

5:33 AM  

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