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Sunday, April 02, 2006


It seems that my future sister-in-law doesn't believe Denver is an actual city with actual buildings. This is my fault I think, because I rarely take pictures of buildings.
We'll start with the old Denver Railway building. Years ago, when Denver had trolleys, this was the main trolley hub. It's been 'The Old Spaghetti Factory' restaraunt for as long as I can remember. The trolleys disappeared long before I was born. I have a strong emotional attachment to this restaraunt, because they moved in and made something of this place when downtown was decaying and blighted. Now it's very cool and they have themselves a prime location. It's hard to believe they've been there over thirty years now.

Next is a shot of the new Denver Convention Center with the statue of the giant bear looking in the window at the convention goers. I love this statue, or rather the humor behind it. There really isn't anything remarkable about the statue itself. Of all the events held at this building, the only one I've actually attended is 'The Great American Beer Festival'. If you are a beer geek (like me), you have to attend this festival at least once. If you think you don't like beer, you should probably go and check out the true variety of flavors that qualifies as beer. It isn't just about a pale yellow lager.
Back to the building. This is the new building. The previous building existed on the same site. The city took a chance when they tore down the old building and built the new one on the same spot, because there was not a good convention site suring the construction time. Kind of a risky thing I think.

This picture is for my fiance. This building is the old Denver Gas and Electric building. Now it's full of telecommunications companies, including mine. When I got called out last night, this is where I went. When I go to work downtown, this is the building I ususally go to.

I'll end with a random street shot. Uploads have been sucking today so I'll quit for now.


Blogger otama-1 said...

TO future-giri-aniki

Thank you for your pictures!
I read your blog! You are good at to take pictures! But! I am not yet enough to feel charm in Denver.
hehehe \(^^)/
I'm sleepy so Oyasuminasai


8:57 AM  

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