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Friday, April 07, 2006

Restaraunt Genroku

I have found a Japanese restaraunt that is actually owned and operated by Japanese people. Only the second one I've found so far in the Denver area and the other one isn't very good and therefore will remain unnamed.
Genroku is in Englewood on South Broadway a couple of blocks north of Dartmouth. The food is good, it's reasonably priced, and they seem like nice people. I'm glad I stopped in.
Sushi restaraunts are currently a huge fad here and most of them are rather mediocre, so I rarely stop at someplace I haven't been before. It wasn't that long ago, there were only a handfull in the entire city. I have passed Genroku almost everyday since it opened at this location and had been debating with myself whether to stop or not. I finally decided to try it when I saw their flyer in the Japanese market. If they were trying to attract the local Japanese population, I thought they would be worth a try. While Genroku does serve sushi, it also offers one of the more complete menus of Japanese food I've seen and the grilled mackerel is quite good.

On a different subject, I've been told there were people who wanted to leave comments on this BLOG and didn't because they didn't want to register. This surprised me quite a bit as I thought there were only two people reading it. So I'm opening comments to anyone. I'll use word verification to avoid spammers instead.


Anonymous your fiance said...

Honey, You have to take me to the Genroku. Actually, that name I have hard it before...in Japan. I guess I'm not sure, but maybe Genroku is chain restaurant.
I'm glad Denver has some Japanese restaurant! and also supermarket!
I'm sure Sakura Square will help me a lot!

How was your day honey?
Something funny?

10:23 AM  

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