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Saturday, April 15, 2006


Obviously I've failed to make much of an impression on my future father-in-law. My fiance met her cousin yesterday. Her cousin told her she was looking forward to meeting me and that she would like to come visit. My fiance told her she would be welcome. Then her cousin asked her where in AUSTRALIA! I lived. My fiance then said I lived in the U.S. and why did she think I lived in Australia. Her cousin replied that a lot of the family thought it was Australia because her father was telling everyone I was Australian.
I can't even manage a decent fake Australian accent. Poor guy...He's going to suffer for that. His daughters (and maybe his wife) are going to make fun of him for that. The upside is that by the time they are finished, no one will expect me to be Australian. I suspect that the reason he made the error was that my fiance was a foreign exchange student in Australia...actually I think twice.
He was pretty easy to get along with when I met him, so hopefully they don't tease him so bad he hates me.


Blogger humblefiance said...

Honey! Please do not worry! My father wont hate you! He already like you a lot! and I think He feels happy coz you know, he always chase or be patience for lady's in my family. so he thinks you are his comrade or pals.
And my sister and I asked him this matter today, then first he said that he didn't tell anyone you are Australian, but we asked him more and more then he smiled...and...ummm...maybe....
so today we tought him you are American!
oh today my mom said funny things too I'll tell you tonight!

You will laugh much again!

talk to you later honey!

4:54 AM  

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