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Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Heresy in Progress

This isn't a Ramen Heresy...It's a Pasta Heresy. I'm making a tomato sauce. No big deal, what's a heresy about that? It has crushed whole tomatoes, diced tomatoes, tomato paste, bay leaf, and sage.
What's the heresy? Elk Polish Sausage and Cinnamon. American Elk is the same animal as Caribou and Reindeer. It's pretty expensive to buy and you don't usually find it in sausage. Fortunately, I can get wild elk free from people who are (or know) hunters. The funny thing is that wild elk is actually a little safer than farm raised elk. Like cattle, elk are vulnerable to bovine spongiform encephalitis (bse) also known as Mad Cow Disease. By law, 100% of wild elk and deer harvested by hunters in Colorado are tested for bse.
Many people don't really care for the taste of venison (deer and elk meat) but I like the lean, earthy flavor a lot. I don't know the exact recipe for the Polish Sausage, but the fat has to come from somewhere else, probably pork. It's still very lean for sausage and the flavor is distinct.
Right now I've got a small amount of cinnamon in the mix too. At the moment I'm trying decide whether to add more or not. As it stands now the cinnamon adds a noticeable aroma but a barely perceptible flavor. I don't know yet whether I want it to be more assertive. It sure smells good though.


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